You Really Think You Are Unlucky? Trust me, You are Not!

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So you think you are unlucky. Your father favours your brother, who happens to be a stud in school? Despite so much efforts, you always remain Rank 2 in class? This guy is a 'Big' man's son & got admission into a good college, and see yourself? You were the Best student in your batch and still have a pathetic job? Things just do not go as planned?
You feel God is more considerate towards others? 
Ok. Let us take an imaginary situation. You were to be born all over again. This time, your birth certificate reads the following facts –

1) You are born in the North-East, which means you are anyways not considered part of the “main” India by even the government, with indirect references of being a Chinese every now and then.
2) You are born in a small tribal community of the North-East, which means you are born unaware of how a three-course meal feels like, let alone a decent house, and in a family that has not seen anyone going through high school. Worse, even NGOs do not find it ‘feasible’ to set up shop in this part of the country.
3) And last, but the most important aspect among all these - You are born a Woman - When you open your eyes for the first time, in the insurgency-hit Manipur, a group of naked woman protestors is shouting slogans against the frequent incidents of rape, torture and murder that woman were being subjected to.
Your future is doomed right? 
For many, the answer is a Yes. But, for the strong-hearted, this is an opportunity to rise above the crowd and make a mark in the collective psyche of people. For them, the answer is an emphatic No. Because they seek no pity, no remorse, no tears. They’ll make a career out of nothing. They’ll box, fight, play, till they get their due. Yes, it couldn’t have been a worse start for MC Mary Kom.
By sheer determination and focus on her career, she has emerged as one of the brightest stars that India could produce.
She is probably the best example of what relentless passion and career-orientation can result into. Nobody supported her in her initial days. Not even her parents. She had to hide from her father that she was practising boxing until he watched a photograph of Mary winning a medal.
"I still remember I was castigated by my father who said with a battered and bruised face, I should not expect to get married. He was furious that I took to boxing - a taboo for women - and he did not have the slightest idea about it. But my passion for the sport had got the better of me and I thank my cousins who coaxed and cajoled my father into eventually giving his nod. I'm happy that I did not let anybody down", said Mary Kom
After having won almost every major championship in woman boxing including five World Championships and an Asian Gold, she has made us proud by being India’s first-ever woman-boxer to have won an Olympics medal.
Medals earned with blood, sweat and lot of guts.
However, passion for your work and career orientation doesn’t mean you are alone, you do not have a family to care for, to look after. MaryKom has achieved everything while being the main source of support for her parents, and her family of four. Ask her twins and I bet they would have received all the love and care that they could receive from their mother. Today, this daughter of landless agricultural labourers, has been able to build a decent home for her parents
So folks, the reason why you are here at this point of time is all because of what you have done all this while. Your career is what you make out of it. Come on, surge, rise, back your instincts and believe me – The sky is the limit.
So as Mary advises - “Don’t ever look back in your life, that you are from a poor family—no. Go ahead in your life, ahead ahead ahead.”

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