Why Women Love Indian Bollywood Jewellery

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Mumbai’s film Industry aka Bollywood defines fashion in India. Such is its appeal that every woman in India aspires for Deepika’s earrings, Madhuri’s studs, Katrina’s Pendant, Kareena’s necklace set, and Kangana’s bangles.

Jewellery websites in India are deluged with women demanding such designs.


Jewellery Brands like Maayra have customised their offerings to cater to this demand.

If you search for Indian jewellery online, you’ll realise that the look and appeal of jewellery has changed dramatically over the years. And the credit to that goes to Bollywood. Today, even NRIs demand for Celebrity Jewelry, due to the global accomplishment that Indian cinema has attained. Jewellery Designs that invoke Indian ethnicity and combine it with contemporary patterns score most in terms of popularity.

Some of the reasons why Bollywood Jewellery has come to be loved are –

1)    Bollywood, Bollywood and more Bollywood. There is no glue that binds Indians together other than Bollywood. Indians pursue the Indian film industry passionately. No wonder woman search for Shradhha Kapoor’s Aashiqui earrings on Maayrajewellery.com.

2)    Jewelry is a form of human expression, which one sees in abundance in Indian films. If you feel optimistic, you’ll like to wear Anushka Sharma’s studs in Jab Tak Hai Jaan

3)    You can define your profession through the jewelry you wear. The Corporate diva takes inspiration from Bipasha Basu’s office going jewellery in the movie Fashion, while the housewife is inspired by the dailywear studs worn by Sridevi in English Vinglish.

4)    Fashionistas express their personality through Anushka Sharma’s cocktail jewellery in NH10, while simple sober souls express themselves through Kajol’s simple designs in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham

Changing lifestyles and the desire to own Bollywood jewellery has led to a huge popularity for Fashion Jewellery online. Customers demand Maayra jewellery because of the unbeatable designs, unmatched quality and economical jewellery prices.

Bollywood was loved, is loved and will always be loved. In this respect, love for Celebrity jewellery will always be there. Get hold of some amazing fashion jewelry now. Match them with your Indian saree and be the life of the occasion.


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