Wear Traditional Pearl Moti Jewellery in the Indian wedding next week

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Elegance is what one aspired for today. Beauty without elegance is incomplete.


When it comes to fashion jewellery, there can no other than moti or pearl jewelry that can impart such elegance.


The innocence that a Pearl brings, along with the classic look that it provides, makes it appear supremely royal and sophisticated.

As such, amongst artificial jewellery, Pearl jewellery is one of the most sought-after wedding accessories in Indian traditional weddings.


For the wedding of your friend next week, if you prefer the classic look, then you may keep your neck bare and wear simple pearl studs alone. A beautiful pair of Traditional Pearl Earrings, matched with the wedding dress will add that touch of class that you are looking for. Another option that you can explore for a sophisticated, trending look is a pearl moti strand and matching pearl dangling earrings.




However, the type of pearl jewelry you decide should be carefully based on the dress you plan to wear, plus on the shape and size of your neck. If your lehenga, suit has a high-scoop or a boat-neck, then you should go for a short-length strand that fits perfectly on your collar-bone. On the other hand, if your dress is a deep-cut neck line, then a pearl necklace with a long strand will be the best for you. Buy pearl studs that reciprocate the strand.


When you buy ethnic pearl jewellery online, remember to see the jewellery size and shape properly in images on models or mannequins. These will give you a very good idea of the length and breadth of the earrings.


All the best! Maayra is sure your friend’s wedding will be a memorable occasion for you. We are sure that you can never go wrong with antique pearl jewelry, which is a true symbol of beauty and purity in the world of imitation jewellery.



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