These boys I tell you.. are plain stupid, and worse super-boring!

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I could think of 7 reasons why Boys are plain stupid, and worse super-boring!


1) Want to impress me, my friends or basically every girl in school. Actually, any girl will do.


If one day I smile on any one of them, for the whole next year, that guy would be teased in my name. God, I tell you! 

Arre yaar, kya dikhti hai, arre yaar kya bolti hai.. arre yaar, patt jayegi kya! By god! kuchh aur sochlo yaar..

2) Clothes!! Lets not even talk about them.. a boring pant and a shirt.. what else do they have? My father wears the same whitish shirt and that blackish pant to office everyday. God, give them some colours please!

3) Look at their hair, all ruffled up, messy and stinking. When Aamir Khan acts in Ghajini, everyone becomes bald, otherwise a middle-parting "nakli" hairdo of Salman Khan in Tere Naam. Come on grow up guys! Be original, and then we may notice you.
by - Todd Harris Goldman
4) Marks. 50-60% is all they can manage.. but still act as if noone else is smarter than them. Ask them - During exam time, why do they come to me to ask for notes?
5) Everyone goes for a Facial, but will never admit. All of them want to act macho, but are just plain cowards. Everyone wants to impress the best girl, but hate to be seen doing seemingly 'girly' things. Come on, be a man, man!
6) And they smell like Crazy. The gutter pots would be better seriously. Have the decency to apply some deoderant after your mad cricket or foot ball-chasing match yaar!
7) All of them are lairs!


I think all of them come from here - 


 by - Todd Harris Goldman


But one thing I was wonder is - Why have their been more boys than girls in all my classes in school till now?


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