Profile Pictures vs Tagged Photos - 3 Bollywood Actresses Tell us the Difference :-)

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Oh my God!


I want to be like her!

See the difference in what you post yourself, while what you look when you are tagged by others :-)

Everyone likes to post their BEST images as profile picture when it comes to Facebook. But, we are more conscious about the images in which we are tagged. Kya pata achhi lag rahi hun main ya nahi! :)


In the same movie Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, we saw 2 very different versions of Kajol. In one, she looked stunning in a white saree, loads of make-up to make her look so fresh and desirable. Maayra believes this one would be her DP, while the image below would be 'accidentally' posted by Shahrukh Khan on his wall.



- Courtesy - Imaan Sheikh. Dharma Productions


Very few actesses look Beautiful and Sexy at the same time. Deepika Padukone is one of them. But hey, does she look any of these in the "Tagged" photo below. Maayra believes it was justa  bad day for the leggy girl.



In the image below, Tell me which one of these is your Profile Pic most likely to be? :) :-)



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