Why do I feel Optimistic today? Self-Belief is the key!

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The moment mommy woke me up, somehow I felt come what may - Today is the day when I can shake the world.

Ok so today I believe I can successfully propose to Hritik Roshan, be the "College Idol" and see girls mad jealous of me, see Miss India organizers inviting me to take part, be the class topper in IIT or ok Wharton as well.

Nothing spectacular has happened in my life in the past few days. But somehow today, I feel truly optimistic. 

But what has happened all of a sudden? Its just another day - the same parents, brother, Sun, birds in the sky, house, everything!
Day before Yesterday, my mid-year exams were out and I did not perform well. Although no excuse can be given, I was so ill during the exams. I was feeling so low. One chat with my mommy changed it all. She asked me - "I believe Yes, but do you have the belief in yourself that you can score well in the final examinations?"
If mommy could believe in me, then why not I. What is done is done! Time never comes back and there is no point thinking about the past. 
So, today, I BELIEVE and hence I am feeling optimistic.
My Jewellery has to reflect my mood today - I'll chose bright colours like yellow, green, blue, orange.. that match my thoughts!
Any suggestions on which one should I wear today?
About me - 
My name is Maayra, and I am just like you - easy-going, friendly and caring. I like to have a good time with my family and my best friends. Some day, I hope I have my pet as well. I love eating food (the more spicy, the better!), just love Dairy Milk and Galaxy, although I am not sure which I like more. I believe there is someone out there protecting me, taking care of me. One day I'll achieve what SHE has set out for me to achieve :)
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