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Why Women Love Indian Bollywood Jewellery

Created On : 05-May-2015 Written By: Vinamra Published In: #Celebrity #Newsmaker Hits: 518 Comment: 0

Mumbai’s film Industry aka Bollywood defines fashion in India. Such is its appeal that every woman in India aspires for Deepika’s earrings, Madhuri’s studs, Katrina’s Pendant, Kareena’s necklace set, and Kangana’s bangles.

Jewellery websites in India are deluged with women demanding such designs.


Maayra’s Suave Jewellery Designs for Krystle Dsouza at a Birthday Party

Created On : 02-Apr-2015 Written By: Vinamra Published In: #Celebrity #Newsmaker Hits: 2201 Comment: 0

One look at Jeevika Viren Singh Vadhera, and these would be the words that would come into mind - Stylish, gorgeous, fashion queen, fabulous, beautiful.

Jeevika’s role was played by the ever-so-elegant Krystle Dsouza.


Wear Traditional Pearl Moti Jewellery in the Indian wedding next week

Created On : 20-Jan-2015 Written By: Vinamra Published In: ROOT Hits: 1412 Comment: 0

Elegance is what one aspired for today. Beauty without elegance is incomplete.


When it comes to fashion jewellery, there can no other than moti or pearl jewelry that can impart such elegance.


The innocence that a Pearl brings, along with the classic look that it provides, makes it appear supremely royal and sophisticated.

These boys I tell you.. are plain stupid, and worse super-boring!

Created On : 04-Dec-2014 Written By: Administrator Published In: #MaayraInSchool Hits: 1391 Comment: 1

I could think of 7 reasons why Boys are plain stupid, and worse super-boring!


1) Want to impress me, my friends or basically every girl in school. Actually, any girl will do.


If one day I smile on any one of them, for the whole next year, that guy would be teased in my name. God, I tell you! 

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