I am one of YOU. My name is Maayra.

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I am YOU, one who has a life of her own.
I am YOU, whose desires are all so different.
I am YOU, who deserves a mention here.
I am YOU, who deserves Respect from the bottom of the Heart.
My name is Maayra. See my pic. No Colour. No Religion or Caste. No Money or Social Background. No God's Gifts. Only Indian.
Fill my Image the way you want to. You'll see Maayra in yourself!

  • I am the girl inside my mother's womb. It feels so safe and secure out here. Little do my parents realise that all the chocolates and popcorn that my mother craves for is all because of me!

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  • I am the new-born girl, left by my parents inside the temple's dustbin. All because I am a girl


  • I am the girl born younger to her elder sibling. With so much love being showered on me, I am sure I did something special in my "pichhla janam".
  • I am the girl who is left by her parents at an urban creche. With gran-ma-pa settled elsewhere, and mumma-daddy working, I guess this is my half-family. 
  • I am the girl who has started going to a play-school. "Baba baba black sheep, have you any wool". What fun!
  • I am the girl seeing my brother going to school. I trust my parents. They tell me that a girl is meant for bigger responsibilities - sewing, washing, cleaning and cooking.


  • I am the girl who has been enrolled in my neighboring town's school due to "free meal". My parents think they'll save their "kharcha" on me.


  • I am the girl who has just entered puberty. God, I was so nervous when I first saw blood there. And the pain. Thank god it all natural and nothing to fear about.
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  • I am the girl who has been asked to leave school mid-way. My parents tell me that I am 14 and should get married now.


  • I am the girl who is getting 'friend requests' from boys in school. These days my parents have become over-friendly with me. Gosh, so much love elder brother. You were never so protective!


  • I am the girl who wants to be independent, direct my career the way I want to. Indira Gandhi inspires me and Sheryl Sandberg is what I want to become.
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  • I am the girl who wants to study further, do a post graduation, get a job and earn for myself. It seems my parents gave me birth to sell me off to an "ameer ghar aur handsome ladka" one day.
  • I am the girl who has just received her first salary. My mother's only piece of advice to me - Never ever remain dependent on your husband for money. And of course, keep getting her gifts.
  • I am the girl who is 'rejected' by the boy's family because I am dark-complexioned. To all the relatives and everyone who wants me to apply Fair and Lovely - Go to Hell!
  • I am the girl getting married, or should I say getting sold off. Car, toaster and even a shaving set! What yaar - Should my parents now come and clean your pet's shit also now?
  • I am the girl whose father has sold his only land to get me married. While he never shows it, I can visualise tears in my fathers eyes. Its for my good future he tells me. God knows what he means by this!
  • I am the woman is supposed to serve my husband's family after marriage. If they are happy and I can win over their trust, I can study and take up a job again. Why is my husband not being subjected to this?
  • I am the woman who is being pressurized by my husband's family for a child. Do I really want a girl? I guess having a boy child is less riskier.
  • I am the woman who leaves her corporate job due to pregnancy. While I am at my peak in terms of my productivity at office, this is also the best time to have a baby. What an irony!
  • I am the mother pregnant with a baby inside me. The baby's kicks and punches cause some flutter inside, but overall its such an amazing feeling. I never knew my husband was so loving.
  • I am the woman who must leave her job and stay at home. Afterall, a woman can best raise a child. Also, my husband's job is important you see. Really? Why can't he stay at home?
  • I am the woman who goes to work, gets up early and sends her child to school, cooks and prepares food for my husband because he doesn't like food made by a cook's hand. Dear husband - WTF!
  • I am the woman who works in houses as a maid. Only to be abused, kicked and punched by my alcohol-addict husband later in the day. If this was less, he calls me a whore as well!
  • I am the woman who has taken up a job again after pregnancy. I feel a renewed vigour in myself, a passion to perform, freshness and dedication to reach the stars. I see no glass-ceiling.
  • I am the woman who has truly broken the glass ceilings in my field. I am an IAS officer, a top-corporate executive, a sportsperson, a top doctor and the President of a country.
I am YOU, one who has a life of her own. 
I am YOU, whose desires are all so different.
I am YOU, who deserves a mention here.
I am YOU, who deserves Respect from the bottom of the Heart.
Feel free to share your thoughts and comments here. Are you like me?

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