As the Chief Guest, I need to look Graceful, Elegant and Assertive!

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My name is Maayra.
As the District Magistrate of my city, and the highest-ranked IAS in the district ever, I am used to receiving many invites for inaugurations, weddingsparties etc.
However yesterday, as I scrolled through the several 'glossy' posts I had received, a very simple, sober postcard captivated my attention. The postcard was sent by a school, located in one of the 32 small towns in my district. 
The postcard was titled - "We want to be like you. Please tell us how?"

Dearest Ma'am

All of us are waiting to hear from you on 24th Nov, next week, when we have our school's annual function
Yours faithfully
Dreams Girls School
A shiver went down my spine. Memories engulfed me. Not very long ago, every morning, I used to sit on my father's bicycle and go to the neighbouring town's school. I remember being the only girl in my school class because in my neighbourhood, there were other so many important activities that girls were 'asked' to engage in. How much was my father ridiculed for splurging on my education, for wasting his time going through fields and dropping me at school.
I wonder where my neighbourhood friends Nisha and Rani are? 
But NO, no more uneducated Nishas and Ranis in my district. I'll do what I can to ensure maximum girls go to school. As the District Magistrate of this place, I'll bring the change that my father envisioned for my family's future. Its time to replicate it in my district.
Decided. I was going to meet students on the 24th. But was I satisfied with attending this single school? I called in my Secretary and arranged for special buses to ferry school children from all close-by towns in the radius of 10 kms to that single school. 24th is not going to be the Annual function of a few 50 students. I wanted it to the function of 250 students. Every child had to be accompanied by a parent. After all, it is parent who decides the longevity of a child's education. 
24th is the Day. Thank you papa. I am here because of your tenacity, and vision. Its my turn to turn to do my bit for the several Nishas and Ranis in my district.
Jewellery suggestions for the Occasion - 
In such a formal occasionMaayra should chose something simple. No glossy earrings or neckpieces will go down well. Since Maayra will be wearing a dupatta, there is no need to wear anything in the neck. 
As she is going in a position of power and going to interact with children, a combination of white and gold earrings will work best for Maayra. While the colour white symbolises Purity, gold shall symbolise elegance, grace and assertiveness. Moreover, stud earrings will be preferable as they shall add to Maayra's poise
One of the following design combinations should look perfect on Maayra for this occasion. 
What do you have to say about these? Your comments are welcome :-)
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