Every morning when I open my cupboard, Why do I find nothing to wear?

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I am Happy today. But all by chance I must admit.
In the morning, when I opened my cupboard, as usual I could not find anything to wear. Come on now, don't start blaming the pressures of office, lifestyle or my husband for not letting me go to shop
Actually, I have shopped for my everyday dressing (including clothes and Jewellery) 3 times this month alone - Once in the neighbouring shopping mall, and Twice online.
But still, I just can't find anything to wear!! Who should I blame this for?

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Why doesn't my husband face such issues every morning? Ohh... think this about this later Maayra. Find your dress first. You are already getting late!

I had exactly 15 seconds to decide what I was going to wear today. 




As usual my husband said - Why can't you decide your dress the previous night? 

My dear husband - Get into my skin one day. You'll realise I actually do not have any clothes left. Who wants to wear his boring clothes everyday anyways!

Hey, what do I see there. Where have you been all this while dear white and gold suit! Last I remember I had worn as Sheela aunty's house last year. This maid I tell you - She just doesn't keep my clothes in the correct order, in their correct place.
So decided!
Enough of the regular blue, red and green... today I was going to wear a combination of white and gold.

One thing I just dont need to waste time upon is in my Jewellery selection. Actually, I am always spoilt for choice here. 
Have a look at the white and gold fashion jewellery that I am planning to wear with the dress. Aren't the designs just awesome?
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