Spotted Dia Mirza. Let Maayra add awesomeness to her Look! :)

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Cute, Gracious, Stylish, Sexy

It was not very difficult for Maayra to chose adjectives for Dia Mirza. In her opinion, Dia Mirza is possibly the best living combination of these four adjectives.
Ok, you tell Maayra. In the purple and pink combination above, doesn't she look cute? Doesn't she carry herself utter graciously? 
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Her smile itself makes her look ever so stylish and sexy. The actress, who married recently, is one of those who can carry all styles very effortlessly. 
Jewellery suggestions based on the Situation - 
Maayra has some awesome Jewellery combinations for her. Lets understand the situation and then come up with some fabulous Fashion Jewellery designs for Dia Mirza - 
Occasion - Casual
Style - Modern, Trendy
Hair - Open (Not tied)
Dress Colour - Purple, Pink


In this situation, Maayra suggests the following 3 designs for Dia. What do you think about these? 

Let Maayra know :)



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